High Grade High Quality Safe Box

Zhaoyou Precision (Zhaoyou Security and Protection Technology Co., Ltd.) is the high-end brand of Yongfa Safe Group Corp.

As a professional security and protection company of Yongfa Group Corp, Zhaoyou Precision specialized in R&D, production and sales of high-end safety cabinet, intelligent chamber system, bank vault door and intelligent firearms cabinet products.
Zhaoyou not only owns Switzerland imported micro laser cutting machine, US imported CNC machining center, advanced car level dust-free stoving varnish, spray lines, the world's most advanced robot welding machines as well as other advanced production equipment, but also establishes the professional R&D center to cooperate with many scientific research institutions to carry out technical research project as well as engages in the design, research and development of intelligent home security systems, chamber, organ, etc.
Based on customer needs, Zhaoyou Precision provides tamper organs, chamber systems with high concealment, fireproof, moistureproof, waterproof, security, anti-burglar functions. Such as in-wall chamber, lifting the zenith chamber, underground postern chamber, cabinet trapdoor chamber, the bed chamber, remote maze double entrance chamber of underground postern, high strength metal structure anti-burglar chamber, rockery chamber, underwater equipment chamber, a variety of small chamber, finance and other special items safe storage closet space solutions.
As the first domestic and the earliest professional company, Zhaoyou Precision engaged in intelligent household chamber design customization enterprise. We provided customers with the most competitive boutique closet design. And our exceptional quality, unique design, excellent services also give the band absolute advantages.

At present,Zhaoyou sales network has covered more than 30 provinces and cities, forming nearly a hundred sales centers, hundreds of stores. With these strong sales and service system, we provide consumers with one-stop security service.
The safes, gun cabinets and other products of Yongfa Group sold in more than 110 countries and regions in the world, has entered the United Nations, the White House, Deutsche Bank, Crowne Plaza and Sheraton hotel chains and other top international institutions and a number of world famous multinational financial institutions, government departments around the country, public security, banking, military, PetroChina, China Mobile and so on. In the future, Zhaoyou will keep moving forward in the security industry backed by Yongfa, adhere to innovation and creativity, and strive to create more value for society. 

Zhaoyou Precision
Proficient at Core, extraordinary workmanship




Zhaoyou, with whole new perspective and ideas
Integrate the world's most advanced technology,With wisdom and tolerance,Combine quality and style perfectly
Low-key and reserved, And do not break elegant atmosphere,Natural tolerance and luxury,Wealth, status, value
ASATOMO to disseminate safety culture
With creating high-tech biometric security space as mission
With explore innovative spirit, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, be tolerant to diversity and inclusive spirit
Looking to the future, compete in the World





Based personalized, furniture-like of safe design capabilities, leading the new trend of high-end safe.
With a common ideal to build high-end safe, Zhaoyou formed the international elite R&D team, led by Italian senior design experts.
In order to provide innovative and trend design elements, they continually explore the world safe developing trend.
Mining the perceptual demand of consumers, wisdom spark indulge overflowing.
Cross-industry apprehend the European aesthetic essence, draw the world's elements, combine ASATOMO "industrial design make value" concept,
is the best interpretation of ASATOMO’s innovation.
Start form quality, with user’s demand for the biggest source of design ASATOMO Zhaoyou
Always stand in the high-end design and development of safe forefront of the field.


All parts are made by currently the world's leading Switzerland imported micro laser cutting machine, US imported CNC machining center, advanced car level dust-free stoving varnish, spray lines and other advanced production equipment. A full set of production lines and quality assurance series is in strict accordance with the international standards organization to implement.



First-class equipment, advanced technology and strict quality control, comprehensive, high-quality security solutions and full quality of service for the company won the honor and credibility. "Vibrant, Cosmopolitan Friends" is the best interpretation towards the Zhaoyou brand.

Stamping cutting, then 100-ton forces are stretched, forging hydraulic press, make the preliminary forging shape. And then annealing treatment process steel, with good toughness enough strength. After forging, cleaning, final completion of the entire forging process, Totally more than ten steps.

Laser cutting stock

Laser focused on the use of steel and border linking point, and then after a number of technicians hand-polished to remove burrs and residues each cut segment. After dozens of procedures to ensure the quality, the final completion is the processing of the border.



Perhaps it is the safe box with most complex process.

In the planning, design, precision machining and manufacturing process of step 193, it gradually comes to life.
The integration of engineering and art, The pursuit of perfection of precision and quality, give a sheet new life.
Experience one hundred hours of working craftsmanship, the safe cabinet eventually condenses into your hands.
Only ASATOMO insurance cabinet frame, will experience hundreds of processing procedures.
From forging forming, eight CNC precision machining processes, to the delicate touch hyper fine blasting process, wear anti-fingerprint coating and other color high standard production process,each product has experienced hundreds of technical personnel, such as works of art as crafted, so every detail is perfectly rendered.

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